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Top 11 Bible Commentary Recommendations

Top 11 Bible Commentary Recommendations

Many people have asked questions like “Which Bible commentary is the best?” or “Which Bible commentary should I use?” in recent years. We are incredibly blessed to have so many good Bible commentary resources available today. There are many high-quality commentaries to choose from! So, we decided to help our readers narrow down their options […]

When To Change Your Bible Study Curriculum


​​How do you know when to change your Bible study curriculum? If you are using a longer curriculum, then sometimes changing curriculum can be good from time to time, especially if there is a better option available to meet your church’s needs. Here are some questions you can use to evaluate when to change your […]

How to Choose a Bible Study Curriculum


Have you ever struggled when trying to decide how to choose a Bible study curriculum? In today’s world, there are many options available to us. However, choosing the right curriculum can be difficult when you have many different options to consider.  What matters the most when choosing a Bible study curriculum? While no curriculum is […]